What are we doing today?

We are a platform that connects people that are looking for hang outs and get togethers. A cinema night in the rooftop, a picnic next to the Sena, a party from a local colleague, it doesn´t matter what, it´s about trying new things, meeting new people, having fun and being random. You can create, host or assist to any plan that you like. It´s open for everyone, create amazing experiences in your everyday life.

what are we?.

AGORA is a platform to create plans to hangout with people nearby, it doesn´t matter what, shopping, drinking, kayak, traveling, it´s up to you. You choose the amount of people, the place and the time, then other people can say if they will go. As simple as that.

Are you bored tonight?

Wanna go to the night club? Or drinking in a bar? or better, next to the river?. Think rooftops, living rooms, stores after dark, parks, anywhere you want to do something.

Find people, meet people, hang out with people

You have a hobbie and you want a partner to be with you? or looking for a gym buddy? maybe even going to the beach with a group of unexpected people?.

We need your support

AGORA wants to be a platform that connects people that are looking for simple but meaningful experiences and new people to hangout, but for that We need you, to support this platform and share it, together we can make awesome things.

Soon, available for both platforms

Thanks to flutter and it´s cross-platform solution, I am able to develop the Beta for the app, But this is a community proyect, If you want to apport any feedback or help of any kind, write me, I would appreaciate it a lot.
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